Tools for Volunteers

We now have access to a few different Web tools to help make your job much easier.

Sign-up Sheets is an online sign-up sheet manager where your users/volunteers can sign up for tasks that you set up. Below are some of the features available to you. Contact Tokeneke Web Team to setup this tool.


  • Unlimited sign-up sheets: Create unlimited sheets
  • Unlimited tasks: Add an unlimited number of tasks on each sheet
  • Clear spots through admin: Admin can quickly clear spots when necessary.
  • Copy a sheet: Copy over all sheet information and tasks to a fresh sheet.
  • Export as CSV: Download all sign-up information to a CSV.
  • Export as CSV by Sheet: Download sign-up information by sheet to a CSV.
  • Self-removal on sign-ups: Using a secure link in their confirmation email, users can remove their own sign-up record.
  • Reminder emails: Automatically send reminder emails before an event.
  • BCC additional emails on all signups/removals: You can now add one or more email addresses as a BCC on all sign-up and removal emails.
  • reCAPTCHA on sign-up form: You now have the option to set up reCAPTCHA on your sign-up forms for extra SPAM protection.
  • Categories: Set categories on sheets and filter by category with the shortcode.
  • “Phone” field as optional or hide: Don’t need your users to enter their phone number?  No problem, set is as optional or just hide the field altogether.
  • “Address” fields: Now you can have users enter their address, city, state and zip. Set them as required, optional or hide them.

o3wL0YUWSKCWinf4-AF455Simple and flexible, forms exists on your Web page, allows users to enter their information, which is then emailed to 1-2 email addresses when the user clicks the submit button. Forms can contain checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down menus, file upload functionaliy, and text fields, to name a few. Contact Tokeneke Web Team to setup a form.

PayPal-BizHome-Tab1-imageWe are able to accept credit card and PayPal on our Web site. Contact the TPTO Treasurer to setup PayPal, and then provide the PayPal information to the Tokeneke Web Team.