Smart Snacks in School

Tokeneke In-Room Snack Procedures

Everyday the students have a snack in the classroom that is brought from home. The Food and Nutrition Department will be offering parents the opportunity to purchase that daily snack and or beverages through the school cafeteria. This program is available to kids in grades 1-5.

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Smart Snacks in School

See the resources below for information about serving up Smart Snacks, helpful tools, and ways to encourage children to make healthier snack choices that give them the nutrition they need to grow and learn.

fruits and vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables

Kids eat more fruits and vegetables, when more fruits and vegetables are offered. A recent Harvard study reported that, under the updated standards for school meals, kids are now eating 16 percent more vegetables and 23 percent more fruit at lunch. During School Year 2014-2015, schools will start to offer more fruits at breakfast. Find information below on how you can meet meal pattern requirements in ways that boost student acceptance of fruit and vegetable offerings.


Cereal arrangement

Whole Grain-Rich

Whole grains give kids B vitamins, minerals, and fiber to help them feel full longer so they stay alert to concentrate at school.


Healthier School Day