Job Descriptions

Executive Board Positions
TPTO Committee Positions

* Please note that some Tokeneke Parent Teacher Organization (TPTO) positions involve a two-year commitment where indicated. In some cases, it is a junior role (year one) and a senior role (year two). It is expected that the junior person will move into the senior role to ensure continuity.



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2 Co-Chairpersons serve for a two-year, staggered term to provide continuity of leadership.

  • Establish the calendar of, attend and preside over all Steering Committee and TPTO meetings throughout the school year.
  • Communicate with teachers, parents and school administration on all appropriate TPTO matters through the school wire, email, TPTO website, and TPTO meetings.
  • Serve on the Executive Board of the Council of Darien School Parents (CDSP) and attend Board of Education meetings.
  • Communicate with and coordinate the efforts of all TPTO Committee Chairs.
  • Work with the Principal and Executive Committee to establish school-related budgetary needs.
  • Communicate with administration and the Vice Chair during emergency dismissal procedures.
  • Participate with CDSP members and CDSP Budget Representatives to contribute to speeches for public hearings of the Board of Education and the Board of Finance on the following year’s school budget.

Time Commitment: Includes a weekly time commitment throughout the school year including some weeks during the summer.  Monthly meeting commitments are TPTO, executive board, CDSP and Board of Education (2 regular evening meetings per month, with additional meetings during budget time).  Service as Vice Chairmen is required prior to this role.

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2 Co-Vice Chairpersons serve for a two-year, staggered term to provide continuity of leadership. Vice Chairpersons assist Co-Chairpersons as needed.

  • Attend monthly Steering Committee and TPTO meetings.
  • Serve as the point person for Room Parent Coordinators and initiate emergency communication chain in the event of early dismissal.
  • Organize a room parent coffee during the first weeks of school to review policy and procedures.
  • Coordinate annual Pumpkin Sale (October) and Teacher Appreciation Day (May).

Time Commitment: One-year term, leading to co-chair position.  Prior to the opening of school in August, the Vice Chair organizes the room parents.  Other obligations are fulfilled throughout the year.

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1 Volunteer

  • Attend and take detailed notes at all Steering Committee and TPTO meetings.
  • Submit notes for approval by Steering Committee.
  • Maintain copy of the TPTO By-Laws for Steering Committee’s reference.

Time Commitment: Two-year term.  Attendance is required at all TPTO and Steering Committee meetings.

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1 Volunteer

  • Manage all financial accounts for the TPTO.
  • Perform monthly reconciliation of accounts.
  • Attend monthly Steering Committee meetings.
  • Write checks as necessary throughout the school year.
  • Oversee event treasurers.
  • Prepare and present budget for upcoming school year (May) and present to the Executive Board for approval.
  • Handle any financial requests from CDSP (1099 list and annual financial report).

Time Commitment: Two-year term.  Active throughout the school year.  Attendance at all TPTO and Steering Committee meetings is mandatory. Be available to work with the event treasurer in the vault at Pumpkin Carnival.
Skill Set: Great fit for someone who is numbers savvy. Quickbooks Online is used but experience is not required.

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(alphabetical order)

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1 Volunteer

  • Work with administration and TPTO chairs to select vendor (s) for after school and conference week programming.
  • Develop programming with selected vendors.
  • Finalize programming and schedules with TPTO executive committee and administration.
  • Disseminate and promote schedules for programming.
  • Market course offerings on TPTO website.

Time Commitment: Minimal and focused on Feb, April and Oct.
Skill Set: Flexible. Connected to school and families.  Creative and tapped into what people want in this community.

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3 volunteers

  • Enhance the appearance and contribute to the spirit of the school by creating seasonal decorations for the entrance and courtyard, especially during seasonal changes including start of school, Open House, Pumpkin Carnival, Thanksgiving, holiday break and spring.
  • Weeding (as part of a group rotation) and liaising with the grounds professionals at Tokeneke to maintain the designated areas.

Time Commitment: Bi-weekly weeding and maintenance with some extra hours surrounding holidays and seasonal changes.
Skill Set: Great for gardeners and creative people.

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6 volunteers (2 co-chairs and 4 volunteers)

  • Plan and organize the annual Book Fair in cooperation with the school’s librarian.
  • Select the vendor and coordinate the selection of books.
  • Create a theme for the fair, organize decorations and publicity, recruit and organize volunteers.
  • Coordinate receipts and disbursements with the Event Treasurer.

Time Commitment: After securing vendor early in the year, planning begins approximately two months prior to the event.  The week of sale is intensive.  Committee members are encouraged to work on this for 2 years; the first year is in training and the second year as the Co-Chairs.
Skill Set: Strong leadership and organization skills.

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2-3 Volunteers

  • Mandatory attendance at Board of Education Budget Meetings and at the Board of Finance public hearings in March and May.
  • Meet with Principal to determine priority budget issues and concerns for Tokeneke School.
  • Meet as a collective group (all 7 schools CDSP budget representatives and co-chairs) to discuss issues and write speeches.
  • Coordinate budget related blasts, get information to Tokeneke Parents regarding issues that impact their children’s education, and communicate CDSP related information.
  • Analyze the impact of the budget and budget cuts on Tokeneke as well as be willing to speak at the Public Hearings on behalf of the school.

Time Commitment: Bi-weekly evening Board of Education meetings plus 1 CDSP meeting per month. There are additional meetings to work on speeches during the budget season.
Skill Set: Good for someone who is numbers savvy and interested in local government.

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2 Volunteers

  • Coordinate extracurricular enrichment and after-school programs open to all students during conference weeks.
  • Market DAEG after school offerings during orientation, back to school night and through the Tokeneke Wire.
  • Attend DAEG meetings in the fall and spring.
  • Liaise with TPTO and administration.

Time Commitment: Busiest in the fall and spring.
Skill Set: This position is best suited for a parent of a student enrolled in the DAEG program.

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2 Co-Chairpersons

  • Maintain garden, develop planting schedule.
  • Work with the Principal to integrate into school curriculum.
  • Liaise with the cafeteria to include in the lunch menu when possible.
  • Coordinate with Green Team on environmental efforts.

Skill Set: Good for someone who enjoys gardening and educating.

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4 Volunteers (2 Co-Chairpersons, 2 in training)

  • Research and arrange high quality programs that enhance the school curriculum to provide an enriching experience for students.  Enrichment activities take place during the school day and reinforce the curriculum.
  • Work with vice principal to determine enrichment opportunities and set calendar dates.
  • Schedule all activities, act as liaison with programs, attend all events, manage evaluation of programs and arrange payment to the programs/performers through TPTO Treasurer.
  • Attend town-wide school enrichment meetings for sharing of ideas.

Time Commitment: Active throughout the year; long-range planning is essential.
Skill Set: Good for those who are interested in the enhancing the school’s curriculum.

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2 Volunteers

  • Manage the receipts for any cash-generating school activity or event throughout the school year including overseeing the Pumpkin Carnival vault.
  • Provide starter cash and cash boxes at all cash generating activities where needed.
  • Make all TPTO event deposits in a timely manner and prepare deposit reports for the Treasurer.
  • Assist Treasurer with Treasurer functions when needed.

Time Commitment: Must be available at various times throughout the year to provide starter cash and pick up cash at all cash generating school activities. Heaviest time is September to mid October (Pumpkin Carnival).  Event Treasurers are expected to run the vault for Pumpkin Carnival.
Skill Set: Good for someone who is numbers savvy.

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2 Fifth Grade Co-Chairpersons

  • Organize and coordinate all aspects of Bingo Night including ordering supplies, prizes, food, 5th grade volunteers and a Bingo announcer.
  • Coordinate a bake sale (run by 5th graders) or some other fundraiser to generate cash.
  • Proceeds from Bingo Night pay for the 5th grade gift to the school.
  • Work the Executive Committee to choose and purchase gift to the school.
  • Create, design and order tee-shirts for event.

Time Commitment: Approx. 30 hours.
Skill Set: Interested in working with a team, organized.

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3 Friendly Family Co-Chairpersons (1 Chairperson, 1 Kindergarten Chairperson, 1 Early Learning Program Chairperson)

  • Maintain the Friendly Families program, which matches new families with volunteer mentor families who establish communication before the start of school and serve as a resource during the year.
  • Over the summer: Call school secretary every 3 weeks for a list of new families.
  • Host 2 to 3 playdates at the Tokeneke Playground, most importantly the Saturday before school starts (and supply water, snacks and name tags).
  • Two weeks before school starts: Get final class lists and ask veteran families to help.  Check daily with school for last minute enrollment.
  • First 2 weeks of school:  Host a stand at the morning coffees.
  • Host the Friendly Family Coffee the second week of school.
  • During the school year, check with the school secretary to see if any new families have arrived.

Time Commitment: Over the summer with the heaviest workload right before school and during the first few weeks of school.  Also, sporadically throughout the year as new families join the community.
Skill Set: Good for those interested in party planning and welcoming new families.

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1 Volunteer

  • Serve as a liaison between school faculty and garden co-chairs to coordinate classroom use of the school garden.
  • Work directly with the Principal to identify opportunities to use the garden to enhance the curriculum and to schedule and oversee grade-level assignments.

Time Commitment: Work throughout the year with peak periods seasonally (primarily spring but also fall).

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1 Volunteer

  • Develop and oversee summer maintenance schedule for the garden.
  • Recruit Tokeneke families to help with garden care and provide them with a clear plan for watering, weeding and maintaining the overall garden aesthetics during the summer break.

Time Commitment: Spring for planning and summer for overseeing the volunteers.

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3 Volunteers

  • Work with Tokeneke Teacher Volunteer to educate, coordinate and monitor all school-wide green initiatives.
  • Act as the school liaison with the Darien Environmental Group (DEG), which includes organizing short grade-level presentations on various topics.
  • Coordinate with Edible Garden on environmental efforts.
  • Collaboratively plan Earth Day Enrichment activity with Tokeneke staff/Mary Michelson.

Time Commitment: Reach out to begin planning in February.
Skill Set: Good for someone who is interested in environmental education.

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2 Volunteers

  • Coordinate the printing and distribution of the school’s directory.
  • Work with the school photographer to photograph teachers and staff.
  • Work with administration to update informational pages, class lists and contact information including phone and email addresses.
  • Organize, order, process and collect funds (to be managed by the TPTO Treasurer).
  • Maintain spreadsheet of contact information and update as necessary.

Time Commitment: Mainly in the months of August and September.
Skill Set: Good for someone with attention to detail, computer, editing and organizational skills.

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2-3 Co-Chairpersons

  • Provide coffee and a light snack for the grade level coffees at the beginning of the year, Kindergarten Orientation and all monthly TPTO meetings, including Room Parent Meeting and Old Board/New Board meeting.

Time Commitment: The first few weeks of school are busy, but after that it usually once per month with advanced notice for special occasions.
Skill Set: Someone who enjoys hosting, cooking and/or party planning.

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1 Volunteer

  • Jump Rope for Heart is a national educational and fundraising event sponsored by the American Heart Association.
  • The coordinator role involves working directly with a physical education teacher to oversee pledge collection and support overall execution of event.

Time Commitment:  A month or two of planning and work, primarily in January and February.
Skill Set: Someone interested in fitness and/or fundraising.

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4 Volunteers

  • Kids Care Club is a national program designed to provide young people with hands-on opportunities to help others in their local and global communities.
  • Plan four to five after school philanthropic events to be held throughout the school year.
  • Coordinate with philanthropic organizations to schedule events and speakers, publicize as needed, and event execution.

Time Commitment: After school throughout the year centered around the pre-planned meetings.
Skill Set: Good for those interested in public service & teaching.

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2 Volunteers

  • Obtain bus routes, identify which K students are on each bus and use lists created during May orientation days to select and recruit volunteers.

Time Commitment: Two to three weeks prior to the start of the school year and then the first week of school.
Skill Set: Good for parents of Kindergarteners who have strong leadership and organizational skills.

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1 Volunteer

  • Maintain and organize lost and found items on a monthly basis.
  • Return labeled items to students through Nancy Hildreth or Office.
  • Submit Parent Alert on TPTO Facebook page and through Wire two weeks prior to donating items.
  • Deliver donated items to charity 3 to 4 times a year.

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1 Volunteer

  • Liaison between the Darien School District’s Music Department and that school year’s guest musicians (chosen by the District).
  • Arrange for equipment requested by the musicians to be set up at the school, meet musicians on the day of their performance.
  • Attend the performance and assist with anything else that day.
  • Coordinate with Publicity Committee to get media coverage of event.

Time Commitment: This is typically just one morning per school year.
Skill Set: Good for those interested in event planning and music.

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3-4 Volunteers

  • Work with the TPTO Co-Chairs to formulate the slate of all volunteers to serve on the TPTO Board for the upcoming school year.
  • Identify open positions, advertise openings and encourage parents to volunteer.
  • Match open positions with appropriate volunteers.
  • Solicit additional volunteers if necessary throughout the year.

Time Commitment: January through April.
Skill Set: Good for parents with older children who know many Tokeneke parents.

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2 Volunteers

  • Liaison between the YWCA Parent Awareness Network and Tokeneke School.
  • Attend monthly YWCA meetings and disseminate information to the Executive Committee.
  • Attend Parent Awareness programs in Darien (and other towns to find any potential speakers who could be pursued).

Time Commitment: Attend approximately one YWCA Parent Awareness Board meeting the first Wednesday of the month, and events throughout the year to assist with registration. Assist with marketing and fundraising as needed.
Skill Set: Great opportunity to bring on exciting and innovative parenting programs to our community.

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2 Co-Chairpersons

  • Passport Around the World is a celebration of diversity through food, dance, culture share and other awareness activities for all Tokeneke students and their families.
  • Execute Tokeneke’s Passport Around the World Event that will run every two years.
  • Coordinate and oversee volunteer chairs in the running of this event.
  • Explore ways to educate students and staff on various diversity topics.

Time Commitment: Two to three months of planning prior to the event execution in February.
Skill Set: Good for someone who is interested in educating students about cultures & capable with event planning.

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2 Volunteers

The role of the PTO SPECIAL EDUCATION REPRESENTATIVE is to support their school community and to be an active member of the CDSP Special Education Subcommittee. To support the school community, the representative will act as a resource to their PTO executive board on issues related to special education, help them examine opportunities for inclusion, and provide support for parents of children with special needs. As a member of the Special Education Subcommittee, the representative will help to identify any district level issues that may need to be escalated to CDSP, administration, and/or the Board of Education as guided by CDSP’s mission statement. Each school should have one or more representatives.

  • Provide monthly input to PTO Chairs regarding ongoing special education issues within the district.
  • Method of providing input to be determined with PTO Chairs. (If written input is provided, copy in Special Education Subcommittee Chairperson.)
  • Evaluate PTO sponsored programming to identify opportunities to improve inclusion of all students.
  • Work with relevant PTO Committee Chairs to build inclusion/community as directed by PTO Chairs.
  • Work with CDSP Special Education Subcommittee to identify common issues and share best practices at monthly meetings
  • Give any relevant feedback to CDSP Special Education Chairperson during the Board of Education budget process.
  • Work with SESS facilitators/administration to address building-level issues as appropriate and build community.
  • Attend SEPAC and Board of Education meetings as appropriate.

Time Commitment: Sub-committee meetings held on a monthly basis during the mid-morning on a weekday. Attendance at Board of Education meetings and SEPAC meetings as appropriate.

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2 Volunteers

  • Ensure that the Tokeneke School news, events, and activities are represented in the Darien newspapers by preparing Tokeneke-related stories and providing photos to the local papers on a weekly basis or as events require.
  • Maintain the PTO bulletin board.
  • Coordinate with school photographer to acquire photos.
  • Accurately identify all students and teachers in the photos.

Time Commitment:  Need to be available to cover events during the school day. The photos and articles are due to the newspaper no later than Monday morning, however submission by Friday afternoon ensures better placement in the papers.
Skill Set: Good for those interested in journalism and publicity.  Connections at the local newspaper a plus.

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2-3 Co-Chairpersons

  • Plan and coordinate one of Tokeneke’s largest community/fundraising events the TPTO Pumpkin Carnival held in October.
  • Recruit and manage all committee heads.
  • Coordinate receipts and disbursements with the Event Treasurer.
  • Train and advise next year’s co-chairs.

Time Commitment:  Planning begins soon after event.  Some work over the summer months.  Recruit volunteers at Parent Coffees.  September & October are busy months.
Skill Set: Good for someone who enjoys event planning, has good organizational and management skills.

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1 Volunteer

  • Work with teachers to put together a list of supplies for their respective grades.
  • Work with school supply vendor to get necessary supplies at the lowest cost possible.
  • Send finalized list of supplies per grade to parents and collect money and forms for supplies.
  • Arrange for delivery of supplies to school and classrooms, and then to the students who ordered them.

Time Commitment: December- February some hours to finalize supply lists and contract with vendor. In March, work with vendor and TPTO website contacts to update school supply page for updated lists and online ordering.  In April, open website for online ordering and monitor orders.  April-June, communicate via wire, website and class parents availability of online ordering and deadlines.  In August, finalize orders and schedule delivery.
Skill Set: Well organized, detail oriented, self-motivated, able to work independently.  Excellent time management and planning skills.  Good communication skills.

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1 Volunteer

  • Work with the assistant principal to provide help to Tokeneke families and staff in need by delivering meals, driving and carpooling.
  • Maintain list of volunteers so that you can contact them and create a schedule of suitable helpers.

Time Commitment: Light hours throughout the year as needed.
Skill Set: Confidentiality is necessary.  Good for those interested in helping others.

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1 Volunteer

  • Coordinate with chorus teacher and Sound Tigers representative to determine date of performance.
  • Distribute flyer to students and send to Web team to post on the website.
  • Collect forms and payment from students and obtain and distribute tickets prior to the event.
  • Schedule, prior to the start of the school day, Sound Tiger mascot to come to the school.
  • Organize special day of event promotion.
  • Deposit funds with Event Treasurer and provide payment to the Sound Tigers.

Time Commitment: Most heavy 2-3 weeks prior to the event.
Skill Set: Good organization and liaising skills. Do not need to attend the event. Having a child in chorus is helpful but not necessary.

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The Special Education Parent Advisory Committee is an advisory committee within the Darien Public School System to ensure quality services for all children with special needs.  It is the mission of this board to have transparent collaboration and communication with all District administrators and Board of Education members who oversee Special Education in Darien Public Schools.

The members of the Advisory Board are representatives who have been nominated by their respective school PTOs. They will work closely with their schools, district administration and the Director of Special Education. They will hold monthly meetings and be responsible for requesting and disseminating information pertaining to special education in Darien including Advisory Committee meeting dates, agendas, minutes and any policy, budget and personnel updates. Each representative will serve a maximum two consecutive two-year terms or at the Board’s discretion.

The Special Education Parent Advisory Committee will also seek out guest speakers as needed to discuss pertinent topics and issues relating to special education.

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6 Volunteers

  • Plan and coordinate one of Tokeneke’s largest social/fundraising events held every other year in May.
  • Recruit and manage all committee chairs.
  • Coordinate receipts and disbursements with the Event Treasurer.

Time Commitment: Moderate time starting in August securing the venue, vendors, co-chairs and organizing committees. Heaviest workload is in March, April and May.
Skill Set: Good for someone who enjoys party planning; has good organizational and management skills. Any prior auction experience a plus.

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3-4 Volunteers

  • Provide support and encouragement to the teachers and staff.
  • Provide token acknowledgement gifts on staff birthdays, births and family losses.
  • Plan and host several meals for the staff:  lunch before the first day of school, dinner on Open House night, lunch during the fall and spring conference weeks and breakfast on the last day of school.
  • Restock staff room with paper goods, snacks, coffee, etc. two times per year—at the beginning of the school year and for teacher appreciation day in the spring.
  • Prepare banners to recognize Custodians, Nurse, and Secretary.

Time Commitment: Throughout the year with the heaviest times in the fall and spring.
Skill Set: Good for those who are creative and interested in party planning.

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2 Volunteers

  • Participate in the merchandising of Tokeneke School memorabilia and clothing.
  • Work with the vendor, speak to the Executive Board about their ideas for merchandise and order merchandise.
  • Sell merchandise during Open House and other school-wide activities.
  • Maintain budget with TPTO Treasurer.

Time Commitment: Some days and the evening of Open House.  All class coffees, Kindergarten Orientation and other events as needed.
Skill Set: Good for those who are creative and interested in merchandising and retail.

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2-3 Web Administrators

  • Maintain and update the TPTO web site content within the site’s architecture, and on other Web properties, e.g.,,,, TPTO Facebook, Pumpkin Carnival Facebook & Twitter.
  • Be the liaison with the hosting/email providers.
  • Be the liaison with the school’s administration, teachers, volunteers, and parents.
  • Monitor and report on site analytics.

Time Commitment:  Most work can be done during flexible hours, at home, in evening.  Estimate 4+ hours a week.  Estimate 2-4 meetings a year.
Skill Set: Good for those with attention to detail, and who are technically savvy.  Experience with WordPress, HTML, Image Optimization, and Photoshop is preferred, but not required.

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2-4 Wire Editors

  • Maintain and update all Tokeneke email addresses.
    Collect, organize and compile all school and community information in our weekly e-mailed newsletter. (Administrative Role)
  • The PTO provides Constant Contact and Dreamweaver software.

Time Commitment:  Most work can be done during flexible hours, at home and in the evening. The Wire Team uses a six-week rotation, so estimate 3 hours per week during your “on” weeks.
Skill Set: Good for those with attention to detail, editing skills and who are technically savvy. Word Press can be learned with a few online courses.  Image optimization can be done with apps from Apple devices.

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2 Volunteers

  • Organize UNICEF effort at Tokeneke School.
  • Distribute and collect UNICEF boxes at Halloween.
  • Organize 5th graders to count money received.  Deposit funds when completed.

Time Commitment: Light time commitment before, during and after Halloween.
Skill Set: Good for those who are interested in fundraising for a global volunteer effort.

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1 Volunteer

  • Work directly with Assistant Principal on Veterans Day efforts.
  • Create bulletin boards to highlight students’ work to honor our veterans and providing any needed support for Veterans Day assemblies.

Time Commitment:  Work includes putting up bulletin boards which takes about ½ day, the week of Veterans Day.
Skill Set: Spatial organization and good communication skills. Desire to work closely with Kathy Schultz.

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2 Welcoming Committee Chairpersons

5 Parent Volunteers

  • Welcome and integrate new families into the Tokeneke School community.
  • Organize the Fall Welcoming Picnic, a gathering that will take place on our school fields and include children.
  • The Picnic will replace the Fall Social (parent only) party and will include all Tokeneke Families (both new and returning).
  • The Picnic should be very casual and family friendly.  Possibilities include but are not limited to hiring a food truck, disc jockey, organizing pot-luck items, or a movie screening.
  • Chairs and volunteers expected to book vendors and equipment. Reserve Tokeneke fields and arrange for security personnel if required. Keep costs low (not expected to make a profit – just break even).
  • Picnic will occur first or second week of school.

Time Commitment: Near the end of the school year gather the committee. Plan over the summer.
Skill Set: Good for those interested in event management and welcoming new families.

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3 Co-Chairpersons

  • Prepare the school’s annual year-end publication.
  • Oversee Class Photographer Liaison.
  • Coordinate production of yearbook with outside vendor and organize sales of the yearbook, including distributing order forms and collecting those forms with payments. Coordinate receipts with TPTO Treasurer.
  • Distribute yearbook upon delivery.
  • Designate a class photographer coordinator who works with all the class photographers to create a yearbook page for their class.

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